Snowboarding Season Early Start

I am sitting in the lodge at Canadian Olympic Park.  It is day two of our first ever full snowboarding season and I am thrilled, and nervous at the same time.  I am thrilled that my boys are having a blast and I am thrilled that this is working out – me taking some alone time while my boys are doing something they love.  I am nervous that my moment will end unexpectedly and too soon.  Fingers crossed – it is sunny and my oldest has made a new friend.  The other three are riding together and supporting each other beautifully …….. hmmm see why I am nervous?

From the view of trust and noticing all is well let me write firstly about the three working together.  One of the twins has difficulty with his bindings and so yesterday his twin brother took on the role of helping him with that.  Today they excitedly reported back to me that Twin A had to help  for a while but now Twin B was doing his own bindings up by himself.  I love how it was not Twin B excitedly reporting this to me but rather Twin A – which sounds like one celebrating another and I think that is super cool. Encouragement went all the way around with each of my boys complimenting the others progress and development as competent snowboarders.  I love this team spirit, I love this brothers sticking together and supporting each other.  The vulnerability of the hill (even though it is really quite small) brings them together – like family, which we are but we often forget.

My oldest has made a new friend – I love it!  New friends are so much fun and I love how they grow through each new exposure to crossing that line and connecting with other people.  It’s a delicate dance on the chairlift of life.  You know, you chat about the weather, sometimes you find a common ground beyond the ski hill but there is a security in one thing for sure  – you both love the hill.  So you might smile and wave at the top of the hill, or you might ride on together for a while.  One never really knows but life is fun and exploring possibilities is exciting.

So all in all this has been a successful couple of days and the start of a very new way for our family to enjoy our cold Canadian winters.  As a child I had this same opportunity and I did not know I would be able to afford this for my children with four and with my not working outside of the home but here we are.

I have only uploaded one photo for this post.  Check those boys loving each other after a day in the fresh air, sunshine and on the slopes together (oh one of them was in teh bathroom).  They need this – our children.  Especially in this society where they do not work physically supporting the farm and they can not run free like they once did in different times.  I sent this picture to my husband and he commented back “nice but how long will that last”.  Certainly it did not last forever and the bickering ensued later that evening but still it did feel different.  All were a little more tired, a little more satisfied and relaxed.

I am waiting for my minor knee injury to fade but it’s really close and then I will be up there with them though I do plan to steal this time for myself in between and I am looking forward to the winter like none ever before.  It’s even better than when I was young and looked forward to snowboarding season.  I took that for granted then but now I certainly DO NOT.

It’s a good life isn’t it?


~ by Nicole on November 11, 2012.

2 Responses to “Snowboarding Season Early Start”

  1. Sounds like a wonderful day. 🙂

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