Regina – Vagina

We were discussing at the dinner table my husbands planned trip to Regina and were met with a slack-jawed 6-year-old who said ” Pa pa is going to Vagina?”

That comment was followed by giggling and carrying on about Vagina and Regina and how very similar and silly they sounded.  My husband and I gave each other a knowing look as who has not thought of “that” before?

It was fun to watch the beginning of realizing how some words sound like other words and we wonder often why nobody considered that before officially creating the names.  You know like Uranus…….always good for creating giggles amongst school aged children and occasionally us older immature adults!



~ by Nicole on November 12, 2012.

2 Responses to “Regina – Vagina”

  1. nothing better than a vagina rhyme! but with eight kids I think I must have hear just about every one of them!

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