Dinky Car Sex

The twins were playing with their dinky cars in that role model sort of way where they drive around talking to each other.  I was listening while doing dishes and overheard one of them say “I just had sex” and then the other “I just had sex too”.

Curiously I popped my head around the corner and for some unknown reason said, “You are not having sex….?”.  Why I would bother to say that I am not quite sure.

The one then said, “You know like making babies.”

So I paraphrase, “Oh I see your dinky cars are making babies.”

The other twin got a grin on his face and said, “No actually they are having sex, like making love, like the teenagers do.”

Oh no, please no – not dinky car sex for impractical reasons like making love….. and teenagers?!  Teenagers do not have sex!  Aghhh………..I did not respond but watched  as they moved on like nothing at all was happening.

Before long the dinky car “guys” were driving up the ramp/wood plank on a shoe.  Then they were going to the beach.  Not any longer than 5 minutes passed  and the conversation changed to negative girl comments. The very same six-year-old boys were now chattering back and forth about the gross girls at the beach and how they must leave the beach as per the “yucky” girls.

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We have talked quite openly about sex.  Not everything but certainly the basics for various reasons but primarily because I took quite seriously when I was advised that I should not expect them to feel comfortable to ask me the hard questions later if I wait untill they hit puberty and then dump the birds and bees chat on them.  That makes absolute sense to me but beware if you take this route of open conversation early.  Be prepared for dinky car sex talk.

What funny role-playing games and conversations have your children had in regards to the very innocent interpretation of something so very complex and multi leveled?  How important is it to you that your children will come to you for answers when they start to explore in this area of life?  What are you doing to keep the doors of conversation open?


~ by Nicole on November 22, 2012.

7 Responses to “Dinky Car Sex”

  1. I have to admit that this post left me horrified, laughing, and nodding in agreement. My daughter is only 1.5 but she has already acknowledged the existence of her very feminine parts and as hard as it is for me — having come from a home that wasn’t very open– I do my best to give her factual information as to what her parts are etc. I’m glad you are keeping the conversation flowing with your children. It will pay off in the end!

    • Dr. Gordon Neufeld writes a book called “Hold On To Your Kids”. He speaks about a generation or rather generations of children turning to peers and or media for information including information about sex. Scarey stuff. I know my children might not be as open with me as I want but if I am easily approachable when they start “real” curiousity about sex – chances are better that I will know. If I get upset and react strongly that will surely shut them down. It is horrifying though…..especially when you have older kids as the younger ones seem to know more earlier. My oldest – now 12 was watching Dora The Explorer still at 6 but not a chance in my family now. Good for you being open after experiencing the opposite!

  2. This made me chuckle. Good for you for being open. Far rather hear it from you than the drivel and glamourisation the media spouts out. Although I hope they don’t think teenagers are allowed to have sex! 🙂

    • Yeah me too! Mine oldest is going to be twelve – fortunately he seems to be only moderately interested in girls. But we all know nature is going to change that!

    • I thought I had responded to this and wonder if it just isn’t showing up. Indeed I hope they do know that teenagers do not have sex and never have. I’m thinking 30 they might be mature enough and ready for that responsibility. Besides they are not going to be allowed to date until the are 25….so might be tricky to have early sex… Oh my…..I am not sure I will ever be ready to let them go. Fortunately my oldest is 11 and pretty focused but you know nature will make its move eventually!

      • Hi, yes you did reply. I can only imagine how hard it is to let them go. I’m Assistant Head of Year 9 (13-14) and am always telling them they are far too young for girlfriends/boyfriends! I shudder to think..we were all young once though and we can only protect so much. I guess they learn best through their own experience

      • Indeed we can not protect them forever. And of course you know one would be concerned if they did indeed wait until 30:). Ages 13-14, that must be a sight to see!

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