Writing From The Heart – And Blogging

With some curiosity I took out a book from the library about blogging with the intention to look at the possibilities for making some income while doing what I love.  The book was good but the information was not computing in my brain.  I was discouraged by it and came to one realization – for now I must write from my heart and for the simple reason of writing. I can not specialize my writing nor schedule my writing and certainly I can not deal with strategically presenting my writing in a way to attract people.  Not to say my readers are not important – they are absolutely but perhaps my readers will be a “hodge podge” of people who perhaps only read once based on my specific chosen topic of that post.

Perhaps I will change my mind but for now it is what it is.  My best thoughts and most profound sharing have always emerged randomly in my mind and maybe to the page – my worst writing is always planned writing.  Perhaps I am a dreamer but not a writer – I am okay with that, perhaps it is why I failed dramatically in English class in high school.

Have you put strategies in place to grow your blog only to realize it was never about an audience?  Are you dreamy and write best when struck in a moment by something simple?  I am curious to both you bloggers that have a handful of readers and to those of you that have a gazillion followers – please do share.

Perhaps it is also this stage in my life – still pretty busy with the little ones.


~ by Nicole on November 22, 2012.

8 Responses to “Writing From The Heart – And Blogging”

  1. I only have a few followers. My intent was to engage with others about a wide range of topics. It’s been proving to be a task though.

    • What the book suggests is that you must specialize which does make sense but I wonder……So much of our lives in the thick of motherhood is about doing so much of everything and not having the time to specialize or refine our specialty (if we indeed have one). I think if you start off as a professional writer this might be part of the writing process for you – the challenge of writing and compiling a piece from research and/or organizing your thoughts. As a non professional writer in that way – writing for me is a process of having really cool moments where I have something wise, funny or plain to say and the gift I hope to give with this writing is about providing a home where moms can relate to the everyday nothings and everythings of motherhood. So maybe that in itself is a specialty. But this was not the specialty they were talking about in the book. Not sure that makes sense….just sort of rambling this morning.

      • Yea I have also read that you should specialize, and it does make sense. I think a good tip that I read was to find the type of posts that draw the most engagement and start to find your niche that way.

        I’m still trying to gain a big enough following before I can even attempt to do that 😉

  2. I think you’re doing fine. I would simply join a network. But keep the content real. I’m saying that with a brand new blog and zero followers 😉 and then advertise things you personally want to share. And you are specialized. You just need to be ‘shared’.

  3. a blogger’s network. This is a good start. http://www.bloggingjunction.com/ad-networks-for-blogs/

  4. I sent you a link in a comment – and it likely was filtered so check your spam. But the gist is a blog network like google ad sense. There are others and the link I sent you has a top 10 list. Good luck!

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