Towel, Pants & Tub Toys – Making The Best

Things get pretty crazy around here super fast.  While I was distracted with everyday stuff the silliness ensued and my middle boy threw a towel at one of the twins in the tub.  Soon after he also threw some pants in the tub and by the time I got “on site” it was over.

It could have escalated into a full on boy fight but all I heard from the tub was a silly “heyyyyy!”, you know the type that is accompanied by a smile or smirk. It’s a good thing my husband is out-of-town because the entire situation would have escalated by his reaction – depending on his mood that is.  In my tired state I was able to find relief in the fact that peace followed rather than fighting. I cleaned up in the morning and hopefully I got that towel dried out before it got the skanky mouldy smell.

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Sometimes within reason us moms of boys need to surrender.  If you are outnumbered like me – chances are you are not going to win all of the time and you are lucky if you win half the time. Not that winning should be your goal but you know what I mean.

We can learn so much from our kids about making the best of a bad situation or otherwise creating fun out of the simplest of things – look at how my boy turned this situation around!


~ by Nicole on November 23, 2012.

4 Responses to “Towel, Pants & Tub Toys – Making The Best”

  1. Love it. My kids can’t ever see this. But love it. 🙂 And your own turn around of it.

    • They are not always the best influence…..I know. Oh and please do not show yours as I am not showing mine – the almost nudies might get me in trouble!!

  2. “my kids can’t ever see this” seems to be a common commet on your blog! How about this one: I found L (then 5ish) naked on my bed with his finger IN his bum. I asked, calmly, what he was doing and perhaps a hand washing was in order. He replied, “but mom watch, I can snap WAY better now!!”. Ew.

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