Late Reader Update – Loves Reading

My late reader with his love in reading intact is fully reading independently now.  Unless I told you otherwise you would never know he was a late reader.  He never experienced frustration with learning how to read because when we hit that wall we let it go.  My younger kids are different – the twins too early to tell but my 9-year-old can read at  a higher level than his older brother did at that stage but he does not love books.  I wonder if he will ever be  a lover of reading and I really do not feel I have much control over that.

So whether you home school or you have kids in school – RELAX, try to avoid labels and take your time especially if you have boys.  They do can learn to read naturally you just have to trust them.

Check my previous post reblogged from my old blog that was focused on the home schooling aspect of parenting.


~ by Nicole on November 27, 2012.

7 Responses to “Late Reader Update – Loves Reading”

  1. I love these stories. 🙂

  2. I homeschooled the first three while they were learning, and I did take a relaxed approach. When #4 was in first grade his teacher informed me that he wasn’t really up to speed on his reading. I assured her that I would not work with him at home (other than reading to him), but that he would be fine. She is an amazing teacher and simply said, “sounds good”. Now in 2nd grade, he’s the best reader in his class. Oh how I wish more kids could be allowed to grow into reading at their own pace.

    • I do think many teachers will take the parents attitude into account. Which is good. The worst thing is when the parents aren’t alarmed but the school pushes assesments. I’ve heard of this happening….

      • Well, I’ve got to admit that with my oldest, it took us a while to get this laid back. He went to preschool and his teacher bragged that he was ahead of developmentally in a certain area, and I thought “Of course!” When #4 went to preschool his teacher said he was right where he should be, my husband and I high fived and thought “Yeah! Average! We’ll take it!” I would have been crushed if someone had said #1 was average. Of course I’ve learned they are all exceptional at some things and average at others. But with our first, we thought he was an uncommonly amazing toddler.

      • Every child is different eh? Though so far no early readers in my world though one might surprise me.

  3. By the way, if you are interested, I’ve started a new blog to review popular literature for teens and Tweens.

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