Life After MineCraft?

We went snowboarding today and as we packed up to head to home the boys started asking if they could have MineCraft turns when they got home.  I was upset because I am upset about MineCraft and/or my ability to set boundaries and stick to them.  You see the boys had been pleading with me for well over 6 months to buy them this building online game and I was a firm “no” for a variety of reasons.  My primary reason was that I did not want to have this game in our lives that would become everything and the only thing my kids would want to do.  So upon making the purchase I set some firm boundaries.  The only trouble is I am not good at boundaries at the best of times and in particular now my husband has been away for almost two weeks and I am tired.  So we bought the game and I let the kids play often with reminders that as soon as papa is home we are going to get back to the original plan.

Minecraft - Tower

Minecraft – Tower (Photo credit: Bricknave)

It was funny today because as the boys and I were packing up the van to go home and they were asking if they could have turns I responded out loud, “Today is the day we find out what life after MineCraft is like”.  The lady a couple of vehicles down started to laugh and let me know that they were snowboarding today for the very same reason – to get away from MineCraft.  It is an absolutely interesting game indeed but it sure is scary how these games suck them in.

I guess we are all in this together eh?


~ by Nicole on November 27, 2012.

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