They Never Leave You

It seems like no matter how far away your mind wanders and no matter what  thing  you are doing out there in the world – they find a way in and they never really leave you.

I was at Yoga the other night – calm, relaxed, excited to settle into the hot room.  I rolled out my matt, lay down my towels, placed my water bottle just so and tried to take my body down to the matt for Shivasana.  Something hard poked into my back and I checked to find a marble underneath obviously rolled up into my matt since two weeks ago.

One little marble reminding me that no matter how far away I go  in mind or body I am a mom and that I will always be no matter what.


~ by Nicole on December 2, 2012.

5 Responses to “They Never Leave You”

  1. naice 🙂

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