Kill The Creator of FRED

Two a day instead of none for three months – told you I was full of stories but this is not a learning story but rather a venting.

The creator of Fred must die!  Was it Fred?  Did a boy named Fred create the Fred movies and You Tube videos?  Okay so I would never want to kill a successful young boy but really somebody ought to pay.

Life had taken a turn for the easier and I was dreaming about this new stage of calm and quiet – boys are now 7, 7, 10 and 12 (okay never going to happen, but still…perhaps easier).  Unfortunately the child that has been the easiest – my oldest boy, has turned in to a very annoying “being”.  I am not sure if he is intending to annoy me, or caught between stages, perhaps fighting off puberty but he is talking like Fred from the Fred movie.  I am not sure if we are going to make it.  I have resorted to death threats and otherwise jail time in his bedroom for every time he blurts out noise in this “hellish” manner but he does not believe me.  Like all good homeschooling mothers I have also threatened school and really it might be the next step.  School might actually save his life.

Let me know how much you would like the Fred Videos to disappear off the face of the earth.  If you have never heard the Fred videos – don’t check here  If you do tempt yourself for a listen – make sure your children are nowhere around to overhear.  They love it and you might be in my shoes before long.

Reading over my shoulder my son is quite disgusted that I am writing this AND now he is inspired to pour it on extra thick – so I am going now to have a very long bath with loud music.  I am not religious but I will pray – pray for me PLEASE.

Oh and any of you at the Dora stage – seriously, enjoy it.  It could be worse – check for yourself.


~ by Nicole on March 19, 2013.

5 Responses to “Kill The Creator of FRED”

  1. I’m with you in the anti-Fred camp. My kids think he is hilarious. That voice gets very annoying very quickly…..!! 😉

  2. That does sound awful (I am familiar with Fred, unfortunately). My 11 yr old is in an annoying phase too- must be an early puberty thing.

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