Goddess (Photo credit: junibears)

Today I imagine that I am a goddess, an angel but a wild one living a wild life and full of energy, excitement and creativity.  No thoughts that I hold are silenced and I am a free expression of me.  I love wildly and enough all people and also myself.  The people in my life support this wildness and understand that in between my giving I need to nourish myself for I am so passionate and need recharge.  I have this all and am so supported in my life in ALL WAYS – financially free, emotionally free, loved supported and natural like the prairie I grew up in.

I day-dream and night dream and all of my dreams come true.  The most difficult of dilemmas sort out and I trust in the universe that all will be well.  I surrender to the Universe my many fears, I tell the angels my stories and then I let it go and I trust.  I trust that there is a bigger plan.  Always seems to have been a bigger plan.

I imagine my trip to be filled with pleasant and unexpected surprises.  I let go of my need to plan and orchestrate.  I know the perfect time will unfold better if I let it be and let it go.  I recognize and notice those moments when I am excited and giggling.  I remember in this brief moment that the last time I felt this way I was all alone and on my way to Yoga.  Keep it simple.  Go back to those places you were going and were stopped short.  Those places that called you ……those places you turned your back on for people.  It is the quiet and the angels calling you now.  Be goddess and go.  Whatever will be will be and you have no control over it.  Financially supported trip, full of wonder and bringing to you great peace of mind.


~ by Nicole on March 22, 2013.

2 Responses to “Imagine”

  1. lovely post, exquisite image, very big thank you for sharing, sincere regards, Barry

    • Thank you – I did a quick view on your blog and know it is well worth my time to view. I will make sure and check it for some reading soon!

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