Don’t Lick The Power Bar

We have a very bad dog. She is always into trouble especially when it comes to food. I love her/hate her and she looks really good with a helmet on. Unfortunately a helmet will not save her from electrocution.


So we survived Easter without her stealing the chocolate. We were all very aware of her and her proximity to the treats as for we all know chocolate is poisonous to dogs. Unfortunately electricity is alway not very good for dogs.

So we were all relaxing when we heard a loud and very alarming yelp come from the kitchen area. I was up fast and Nelly was running away from the corner where the power bar sits on the floor. I knew almost instantly what was going on and before tending to her I accessed the area to consider if what I thought might have happened indeed had happened. Earlier in the day my little chef son had grated chocolate into a little cup and had then spilled it on the floor in that corner. I had done a quick clean up and noticed the shredded chocolate on the power bar and had made a mental note to clean better later. I might have thought about the dog but only for a fleeting moment. So plain and simple, the “beast” had found the smelly sweetness – licked chocolate untill her big wet tongue made contact with electrical currents and she got zapped.

We were at her side for a while and she was quite needy for our love and reassurance. She seemed quite okay other than “shocked” and her jaw was slammed shut. I guess one could say she was tight and a wee bit stressed out. I would like to dream she has learned a lesson about stealing food but I think she has only learned one lesson (if that) “don’t lick the power bar”.

Think she will remember?


~ by Nicole on April 4, 2013.

2 Responses to “Don’t Lick The Power Bar”

  1. Nope, she won’t! Poor girl. (Great post. 🙂 )

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