A Better View

My good friend Tina asked me to reframe and tell her what is happening in my life from the positive view.

For Tina but really for me:

So much is shifting and changing. The universe is stirring things up and I am having many realizations.

I realize that I am strong enough to handle anything that may come. I am starting to have clarity about the possibilities for the future. I realize that I can handle all changes – even the things I am scared of – I can handle. I am starting to dream about a life with endless opportunities in the future. I am starting to understand that if I am not happy it does not matter and it does not serve anybody. It is not selfish to want to feel good.

I have discovered that I have a lot of peace of mind. I have started to dream and have moments where I am inspired by many possibilities. Some of my visions are getting clearer and I am less afraid more curious how things will unfold. I am getting better at bringing my SELF into my life and showing up more and more true to myself…bit by bit.

I trust that the universe will take care of everything and I can see that the things that may be devastating in initial perspective may actually be good and most likely BETTER than I could ever imagine.

Things have changed and energy has moved. Although I am holding on and loving with all of our might I am also making every effort to be more relaxed and happy – more accepting and appreciative.

I am having many visions and so many things have been put in my path or created by me, teaching me so much more than I knew.


~ by Nicole on April 30, 2013.

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