Rumbling Roar

I woke last night startled by the roaring rumble of destruction. My 10-year-old son called from the other room, “I am scared mom.” I told him to come sleep with me – he was startled and I understood that it would be difficult to fall back to sleep. More than once this week have I woke to this sound and the first couple of times it was unsettling for me. Experienced now I can barely hear it though last night was louder than usual.

The boys have been building cat houses and various structures for weeks on end. They have gotten very creative making spaces for the cats – remodeling, expanding and occasionally rebuilding. In the middle of the night something happens and though I am not 100% sure the culprit I am pretty sure it is either dog or cats. The structures get demolished and it is loud.

Through watching these boys create it is decided by me that every child should have a garbage can full of wood in his living room. Forget the blocks from the toys store! Just cut it up and let them go!

Check out the creativity:

Kananaskis Cat House March 2013 057

Kananaskis Cat House March 2013 060

Kananaskis Cat House March 2013 064

Kananaskis Cat House March 2013 073

Kananaskis Cat House March 2013 074

And more:

March 2013 112

March 2013 113

March 2013 116

March 2013 117

March 2013 118

March 2013 119

The next logical step is to supply the boys with fasteners, glue, screws etc., so that can build the ultimate structure. Though I am undecided because I love how they build and rebuild endlessly creating.


~ by Nicole on May 11, 2013.

2 Responses to “Rumbling Roar”

  1. That’s incredible. And I love, too, how it’s about the process: they know they are all temporary, they will all fall down, get taken down…

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