Don’t Feel Sorry For The Little “Birdy”

I had a recent experience with a little “birdy” in my back yard. He was determined to get a string out of our fire pit that had been securely tied and tangled around a stick – earlier a play thing for my boys. The bird was a rare sort – really beautiful and it kept tugging and tugging at the string. It would leave for a while and come back over the course of the morning and I marvelled at its determination.

Kelowna Trip & Life 2013 430

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I thought perhaps I could help and so while it was away I went out and cut the knots and untangled the string so the bird could simply come in and pull it out to be used for whatever purpose it intended. I watched and waited a while from the kitchen window and in between got busy myself doing dishes and what not. At one point I looked up to see that the string was gone.

I was sort of disappointed to miss the moment where it was taken and I did find myself wondering and hoping that some other birds had not taken the string. There are a lot of birds in our yard you see – young robins and other birds milling around but none as ambitious as the little one trying to get the string that morning.

Finally after an hour or so there he was on the edge of the fire pit looking in and looking rather confused tilting his little head this way and that. I knew he had not been the one to get the string – the lazy robins had seen the opportunity and took the easy route grabbing that string while it was easy to take.

I felt sad and disappointed for a moment and then I had a moment of clarity about something else in my life. Some people are like that little bird – determined and ambitious but also determined that life will be hard and so it is. Other people are like the Robins – slow and steady, waiting for the easy moment to swoop in and take what has been easily offered to them. Neither one is bad but one must not feel sorry for the determined bird that chooses to make things hard nor should one judge the Robin that gets an easy ride. We all make out choices.

Kelowna Trip & Life 2013 431


~ by Nicole on August 31, 2013.

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