Shake Your Booty – “Mom Stop Twerking”

So I must confess I rather love to dance and I really do not actually “twerk” but I do shake it and move. It is one of my favourite things to do and when I get the right time and space I will crank the music and make the very best of a simple and inexpensive pleasure. Most of the time the boys just sort of avoid me when I do this but last night there was no escaping. It was evening and supper was just on the table. My husband and I were playing DJ and having so much fun. I was not quite ready to stop.


So they complained……and the more they complained the more I got into my moves. This rebelliousness came over me masking a little bit of under laying upset that clearly I had gone and gotten old. The comments were one thing but the covering of faces was quite another. They did not want to see me – old and dancing, moving my hips too much for their comfort.

Oh my goodness…..really? REALLY?! R E A L L Y? I am not that old but I guess to them I will always be “that old”.

In the end I slowed it down and actually expressed some sensitivity and frustration. Even though I get it I had to let them know and so we settled on this ~ I will not dance while we are eating supper. Reason because “It is disgusting when I twerk at the table”.

Do you remember your parents ever embarrassing you in this way? Have your kids made you pause in this way and reflect on your age?


~ by Nicole on January 6, 2014.

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