Big Changes – Facing Fear

The year 2013 was very intense for me and I am not sure if it was something in the stars, or midlife blooming but it spurred and inspired in me HUGE reflection.

Beautifully Moving On

Significant changes are on the horizon and though some big things are still unresolved and unsettled one thing is certain – we are moving back to my hometown. If you visit Moving Into Me – Imagine or my Prairie Girl On Fire Blog you might be able to read between the lines. I have been writing about this move in poetry and psyching myself up for almost a year.

This year I will take action to the theme that has become a bottom line for me “I will not live in fear and I will not stay here, as I am, as is”. I will move out of this “comfortable” because really it has become very uncomfortable for me. This year I will allow my heart to lead me because I am ready to see life on the other side of this here and now.

In 2014 – I will move my family out of the large city and into a smaller and more familiar city that is my home town. We will let go of being isolated for the sake that the economy is “better” where we are. We will take chances and risks for the sake of giving our children a bigger world with family connections and old friends. We will move out of this place where we struggled because we were waiting for that golden moment when things would get easier. We will reach for a life better suited to who we are, recapturing some that I long ago resigned to letting go of.

In my twenties I moved a lot but somehow I have been afraid to move my family of six, dog, two cats AND business that we’ve worked hard to build for over a decade but it calls so strongly and we are going to do it. It is a daily job to keep myself positive and confident but I am moving forward and I know that the lessons in following my heart are going to be AMAZING. I will prove to myself that the chances I took in my twenties were valuable lessons and proof that in my forty’s and with four children I can continue moving into my dreams.

Big Change


This year I will take action and prove to myself that anything and everything is possible. Have you made any big decisions in 2014? Have you moved with children and started over without the guarantees of security? I would love to hear your stories.


~ by Nicole on January 10, 2014.

2 Responses to “Big Changes – Facing Fear”

  1. Last year we moved to Utah and took that leap. The unknown was scary but not as frightening as the mediocrity of our existence back in Montana. We haven’t regretted a single moment.

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