Boxes & Bins – My New Favourite Routine

On a lighter note and a more positive note I am also enjoying many parts of preparing to move. I got a couple of concerned messages in private from friends and so thought I better post something up just to make it clear that MOST of this is so much fun. Most of this I love and the new adventure is exactly what I need in my life right now. It is only a juggle and certainly no bigger a juggle than many other times in my life.

On that note I share with you my favourite new routine. I pack a box and then I purge a box. It feels so good to look at what we have accumulated and know that it is not necessary. Treasures that do not need to be clutter and so many things to let go of, move on from and be done with. Once a week I take a trip to Value Village to donate my boxes – usually two to three a week and the boys all know me when I come. The help unload and they send me away with new boxes. Sometimes….okay well at least half the time I go in for a little hunt but I keep it light and only pick up the prettiest and/or most practical new things.

Boxes & Bins

So as much as the waiting is hard it does have a big component of being easier in that we have time to execute. Every other move I’ve known has been quick and taking this time has huge benefits.

Thank you everybody that messaged me privately. I love you and I know you are the ones that would catch me if I ever did fall!


~ by Nicole on January 17, 2014.

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