Is It Really Friday? Valentines Day

Something about being a mom of four boys, planning a move, managing a business and juggling school makes some weeks sort of whizzzzzzzZ by unknowingly. One wonders where it went and if she was really EVER present during any of it. Sometimes it is like this and that is how it is for me today. I was quite certain that it was Wednesday and when I realized it was Friday I really couldn’t believe it. Not that this has never happened to me before but somehow this was BIGGER….I really feel like a I disappeared and lost two or three days.

Was it the road trip and my return late Tuesday night? Probably. Or the knock on my door later that evening – a young man confessing he had collided with my parked car? Likely also yes. Then the rental property investigation and back and forth dialogue? Yes we almost found a place but no dice. Oh and my beautiful boy birthday turning 11 – we had two cakes because he said it is a special birthday turning pre teen (I agreed – very special). Many things distracted me from the present moment this week some good (the birthday) some willy, nilly and a bit too much….but I am finding my way back to balance. Today I am here and now – present and peaceful……HAPPY.


I was going to write a lovely little story – it is all in draft and ready to go BUT yeesh its Valentines day and REALLY ACTUALLY FRIDAY so instead a ramble and a wish.

I wish for you LOVE and loveliness. May your heart be open and curious forever and ever AMEN.


~ by Nicole on February 14, 2014.

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