The Best Of Times? When Things Go Wrong

On the lake in the dark – not far from the cabin but far enough away to create an adventure and experience to remember the snowmobile ran out of gas.

Darkness and Magic

The boys – husband driving, one on the back and two in the sled towed behind had been on an adventure already. They had spotted a herd of Elk and circled around them at a safe distance. They watched in awe as the herd moved off into the trees – some slowly while others running. My boys were excited and invigorated when the machine started sputtering and then stalled. They were out of gas on the opposite side of the lake from our cabin.

They set out on the trek across the lake to the warmth and safety and it could have been worse. It was probably only a 2km walk and it was dark but also exciting. The sense of adventure was fully at its peak. Nobody complained and they were amazed at the view of stars on a clear winter evening in a community with almost zero light pollution.

I was in the cabin prepping supper and had started to wonder why they were taking so long but did not fuss too much about it. One of the boys was with me and I was enjoying the quiet. I put the lights down low and relaxed until I started to wonder. I turned lights off so I could look out onto the lake and saw the four of them walking up the beach. Whoops…something was not right about that and of course the stories were many when they came in the warm cabin.

It was one of those times…..where it was all worth it. Things had gone wrong but in that they had gone very right. They saw the Elk and they saw the stars in all there glory without the distraction of hurrying up and city lights. They walked and talked and practiced the code of just getting home without dwelling on negativity. It was exciting and now they had a great memory to share.

For my oldest the experience got bigger and better. He and his dad went in the van to the other side of the lake where they then hiked back to the snow machine to fire it up. Once it was going he drove it across the lake in the dark by himself. He was proud and enjoyed the responsibility and adventure.

My son just a couple of years younger sat at the window in the cabin and flashed his flashlite off and on to create a beacon – he was protective and watching out for his older brother. We all know how cool it is when we see them love each other. When my oldest pulled up safe and sound you could almost feel the pride of himself but also the pride of younger brother to older brother.

At bedtime I found myself reminiscing about all of the misadventures I’ve had in my life and how they changed me. One of these days I will write about them – the book of short stories will be called “Lessons in Unlikely Places”.

Isn’t it so true though….the best experiences are often when things go wrong and not as planned. And if this is the case why then do we fear? Life seems to have better plans than we can make. Don’t you think?


~ by Nicole on February 19, 2014.

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