The Obvious Thing About Yoga – “JOY OF BEING”

I love my yoga for so many reasons but in particularly because it is a no brainer and obviously good for me. So in those moments where I am feeling stressed and negative I know yoga will feel good. Yoga can lift me out of any slump because in it I am honouring myself – AS IS, even if I am not strong that day. The days where I am strong in yoga are bonus days because then I am sure and proud of myself, my body and my mind. How can I lose with that?

JOB joy

JOB joy

With that clear and obvious formula for feeling good I have decided to make my yoga a number one priority as I get everything in order for my move in May. A wonderful friend of mine talks about her JOB – “JOY OF BEING” and reminds me that everything falls into place when one is following his or her joy. If you want to learn more about my dear friend and life coach – please check her web site or find her on Facebook

Do you know what your JOB is? Is it your day job or a special hobby? Are you inspired by people who know there JOB?


~ by Nicole on February 26, 2014.

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