Stepping Back – Out Of Control

Stepping back and out of control is possibly the best thing you can do sometimes.

Let Go

It is good to let go and loosen the grip. Gripping is exhausting and creates more tension. How can you attract good things when you are tired from holding on?

Ironically a couple of days after I wrote this to save in drafts I had the experience of using the automatic belaying device at our rock climbing facility. I was made aware that the lowering down was going to “feel” differently than when somebody lowers you down. In fact I was told to climb part way and come down a couple of times to get a feel for it. I did just that and was still a little bit nervous but climbed to the top of my climb nonetheless. At the top I had to let go and trust – not a person but a device that I was unfamiliar with. The device was not going to lower me down inch by inch but rather I had to let go and fall before it would “catch”. I actually held on and even started to climb down which was honestly pretty hard as I was already fatigued. In fact had I continued to climb down I possibly would have fallen anyways AND so I let go. I got down safely, had a bit of a rush and now know that it will always catch me.

Does holding on serve you or hold you back? We each have our own answers to these questions though I expect most will agree letting go is better – just not the first natural choice for most of us.


~ by Nicole on March 4, 2014.

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