Welcome to my family circus where I homeschool my four beautifull boys, support my husbands renovation company, live with 2 cats and 1 dog and try my very best to be a lot of myself – with very little time.

As a mother of four boys life is interesting and often pushing me beyond my maximum emotional capacity to be the mother I always dreamed I could be.  My loving husband has shown me the gift of humour and often laughs hysterically when I share with him the events and moments of my day.  So it is clear to me all too often that if I did not laugh I would surely cry.  And almost always when I share these events that make me want to cry I smile and sometimes even chuckle – just a little bit.  I  marvel at how one day I really will laugh freely and hystercially when I get out of the “busyness” of this all.

My initial intention of this blog was to look at my life through humour and this was supposed to be a compilation of all of the crazy things that happen every day.  The truth is I am not particularily a funny sort of girl and so though I may write the odd time with humour this blog is going to be filled with stories,  musings, and insites.

I enjoy raising my boys.  I love all of the crazy things they do and say to BE ALL BOY as they truly authentically are.  Ultimately raising children boys and girls, raising 1 or 4 – we are all in the same boat and going through the same sort of thing.  I hope I bring much to you wherever you are on your parenting and life journey.


6 Responses to “About”

  1. Looks like a fun life I have four kids also – two boys and two girls. The boys are the bookends – eight years apart and the level of chaos they create is sometimes enough to make me crazy. I’ve always admired (and envied) mothers of lots of boys.

  2. I think I’m already following one of your blogs, but thanks for the heads up. I haven’t seen this page, and I like it!

    • Hmmm I must have rambled to you about checking out my boys blog. I think I need a check list to just let everybody know once. My work blog is not my inspiration nor my passion. Parenting my boys is!! Not that renovating isn’t passionate ish………… Thanks for checking out my parenting blog!!

  3. Hi Nicole! Thanks for following my blog from your personal site, too. I appreciate your loyalty. I also love your insights into the life of raising little boys, as I have 2 of my own. Thank you for sharing!

    • I am glad you enjoy my personal blog. I changed my primary blog because many parenting blogs that I was commenting on were connecting to and following the work blog but totally missing the parenting blog. And now I am getting confused about who I am following or not following! But I do not seem to be getting multiples of people posts. Have a wonderfull day!

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