Flat Out Sick

I have been flat-out sick since Monday night. It came on really very fast – as in I was drinking coffee and preparing some blog posts at 8pm deciding whether or not I would go to Yoga. I decided that I felt off and instead would continue writing a while and then go home. By 9:30 I was exhausted and sort of achy and by 10:00 back at home I was in bed with fever and chills. This lasted untill today – about 84 hours which seems like a ridiculously long period of time. I never get sick this long especially the way I was. I was out and sort of like a zombie and in a lot of pain. My bones and joints hurt and my chest felt squeezed leaving me breathless. I never got sick as in vomiting but I felt on the verge for the most part of these 3 plus days. I spent every day on the couch just barely able to get up and feed the kids.

Day one was interesting because I was sort of excited about my boys and how they cared for me. They warmed up the bean bags for me – they brought me extra blankets, water, juice and little snacks. The played a lot of video games and tried really hard not to fight. I marveled at how much easier it is now and remembered times when I would be sick back when they were smaller. I wonder have I never been sick this long before or had I an impossible mother drive and with little ones no choice but to get up and keep going. I was proud of them for switching the role around and taking good care of me for a change. They were also proud of themselves.

Day two I was sort of shocked that this was not a 24 hour flu. I was expecting to be well and for life to go on as normal but this was not to happen. I had the high fever and chills and not much to give. The boys were pretty good but getting restless and they started to complain a little bit. I think they realized how much I do and how important I am.

Day three was a shocker for me again as I woke up still sick and really just at the same level. I just do not understand being sick for so long but I curled up on the couch again – the boys missed me more and I really got to feeling overwhelmed by physical pain. My good friend was supposed to come over and relieve me so I could get a hair cut but that was obviously out. Instead she came with pizza for the boys to have for lunch and her children so the kids could have a quick play. She offered to bring me a Starbucks Mocha and I was curious but doubtful that I could handle it. I said sure why not and I was so pleasantly surprised at how good a coffee could be after none since Monday night. That afternoon I felt better but by supper time I was slammed back down to a blubbering, complaining sick woman.

Day four – YAHOO! I slept great and woke up feeling better – not 100 percent but so much better. What a relief. I am trying to keep balanced and not overdo it – those chores that were neglected all week will get caught up soon but not today. I am a little tired but no pain and no fever as far as I can tell. Finally I get to be grateful for my health and my body’s amazing ability to get through these viruses. I usually carry this attitude of appreciation but I was starting (just a little bit) to worry. I can not imagine being chronically unhealthy. That must be such a hard road to travel.

I hope you and yours are healthy today!


~ by Nicole on May 4, 2012.

4 Responses to “Flat Out Sick”

  1. Whatever you’re sharing, I so enjoy your writing Nicole! What a delightful surprise to discover! Your attitude is so inspiring. Love love love. xo

    • As a closet writer my entire life and knowing your writing background – this compliment means a lot to me. Thank you Cindy for your support!

  2. The handful of times I’ve been sick since becoming a mother are the sickest I’ve ever been. I think that as moms we give so much that when we go down, we go down hard. I hope you are taking it east and feeling lots better.

    • Thanks – I could probably be taking it easier but my over exertion was a walk with the kids and the dog in the sunshine. It was worth the back to the couch just before supper! Better again today…………but it is snowing! This is probably a good thing as it will force me to put on movies and rest. Thanks for the well wishes!

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